Invest Now not Later

Your future depends on what you do today. It doesn’t depend on what you will do tomorrow. Making an investment is not an easy task, it takes time, energy and off course the little money that you would like to grow to make more out of it. Before you get in the game of making […]

Oh, No! It is Tax Time Already?

Yes it is tax time already and we at PeterDeng Tax Services understand that feeling. Worry that you may owe IRS big money and not to mention the state. It is a stressful feeling but we are here to erase off that feeling of stress. We are not experts in Agriculture or food but we […]

Tax Begin January 31st, 2010

Peter Deng’s tax service office is ready for the 2020 tax season. The taxpayers can start filing their taxes right away after receiving their w2. And the deadline to file your tax is going to be April 15th, 2020. But for those taxpayers who reside in Maine and Massachusetts, you are going to have a […]