Mind, Mind, and Mind. The Vital Part of our Body

Mind, Mind, and Mind. The Vital Part of our Body

Control your mind at all costs because it is the best thing. If you fail to control your mind calmly and peacefully, someone else will end up controlling it for you, and that will be it for you and your future. You can allow people to control your assets and cash, but never give up on controlling your mind. Letting someone else control your mind is the worst thing you could do to yourself.

Don’t become angry when people throw stones or words at you. Don’t try to help rigid people understand you because they will never understand you anyway because they are too inflexible. Every button that you touch is a lousy button for them, therefore causing unnecessary war and unavoidable depression.

These rigid individuals will do everything to corner you into their proper channel. When you allow them to do so, you give them the power to drive you the way they want, Left and right, you name it. You are now dead because they are controlling your mind. How can you tell if someone is about to control your mind or already controlling your mind? It is straightforward: anytime you have a family talk or business talk with this group of individuals, they will get angry quickly for no reason, and they want to make you angry like them. In addition, they will immediately order you to abide by their rules whether you want or not. Some will come up with a negative conversation to get you upset. If you get upset quickly when talking to your partner at your place of work or partner at home, then know that that individual is now controlling your mind. However, there is still an easy way to regain complete control of your mind.

Here is the list

A- Allow the rigid people to be angry at you, but don’t be angry; respond with an honest smile. (No fake smile, only honesty.) Remember, you are doing this for your good, so giving a fake talk and a fake smile to the other part will hurt you.

B- When faced with aggression from this group, choose not to retaliate. You demonstrate your emotional maturity and self-control by refraining from responding in kind. Remember, you are in control of your actions, and by not hitting back, you maintain your dignity and integrity.

C- Talk less and allow the other party to take you the way their mind likes. Refrain from trying to prove yourself. You know you are 100% innocent, and you are being honest; allow them to take you the way that makes sense to them. Refrain from trying to correct them. Save yourself energy and stress. You will appreciate yourself later.

D—Don’t judge them, and don’t correct them. If this party calls you stupid, respond like this: Oh, thank you so much. I am glad you called me a silly person. Or say something like this: Thank you for being honest with yourself and me. I appreciate your proper judgment; I am indeed a stupid person.

E- Zip up your mouth for 85% of the time.

F- Mediate 1 hour every day.

G. Take a deep breath in before bed, hold it for 2 minutes, and breathe out. Do it three times before bed; your mind and body will know there is no danger, and you will sleep well.

H- Smile, be happy, and have joy in you.

Don’t forget, you came alone, and you will go alone. Even those who say they love you will never go with you. While you are in the hospital, they will be at home watching their favorite movie. Learn to understand that you came alone with nothing; you are now alone and will return alone. This is true. You are good only at the time you were born and good at the time you are dead, but between you, just managing. People will talk highly about you when you are gone, bringing flowers to your grave because they know you are not returning. You are gone and gone for good. Those who master their mind live a happy, joyful, and peaceful life. It took me 26 years and one week to learn this life-changing technique. How I wish I had discovered it when I was 12 years old.

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