Our Promise

Our goal is to provide the world smart business solutions service that enables businesses and individuals to excel. Helping people improve their business and financial needs and excel. We will continue to contribute to customer success and satisfaction by providing the best transportation, money transfer, and consulting services. We will provide integrated services that are customized and delivered throughout East Africa and another part of the world we operate. This will provide convenience and value for customers while enhancing our ability to offer innovative products and services. Peter Deng Group can arrange private transportation services. On the other hand, with PDG you rest assure that all is on time. PDG gets you where you want to be on time, with PDG we know that you don’t want to miss that important appointment and we get you there on time. Our excellent customer service and being on time is what keep our customers come back to us. For our money transfer department, it is only 5 minute and your money is at the destination. It is that simple. Want to go for the other money transfer companies that take a longer time for money to reach your relative at the destination, that is not our business but if you want quick and excellent service that is our business. On our consulting side, you get the best attention that you will never get from the large consulting firms.


What Customers and PDG Supportive Partners Have To Say

“I used Peter Deng Express to send money to my family members in Kenya and Uganda. And I have been using their services since 2013, and it is hard to believe how fast this company is, the money reach my in least than an hour. This is some thing other local companies have been unable to do. When I first heard of Peter Deng Express open up in Kampala city and Bor of South Sudan, I was skeptical because I thought it was just another South Sudanese local company just coming up to make money off people. Well, I walk to their office in Bor to send money to my family in Kampala. After finish the sending and was issued my ticket with secret number, I walk to small shop next door to buy phone card to call my family to let them know that I have send them their money using new company. To my impression, when I call my wife to go to Peter Deng Express office in Kampala to collect money, she said back to me “are you talking of the money that I am just counting or have you send more money?” I paused for 10 seconds and say no I only send you money once today. “Ok this is every fast company, they call me already and I am now just finishing up counting my money and will head to the market to buy kids clothes. Thank for sending the money through them, they are very nice people. I was so impressed and I was no more skeptical and since then I have been using them to send money to my family members in Kenya and Uganda. I encourage everyone to try them out.”

 Daniel makuei, Bortown South Sudan,

Peter is a great model to understand the ability of the human spirit to overcome adversity! Facing almost insurmountable life challenges in South Sudan as an orphan Peter focused his vision on how to survive and excel. Today in Vermont he has turned to new challenges of helping orphans of his native Jonglei – State of South Sudan. He lived as one and knows the meaning and benefits of changing an orphans future in this difficult environment. He is using his new entrepreneurial experience from Champlain college to foster this effort and doing great!. I am honored to be a sponsor of Peter’s organization Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc. and invite you to join in this effort.

 Ernie Pomerleau, Pomerleau Real Estate, http://www.vermontrealestate.com/

Peter Deng’s tireless efforts on behalf of orphans in South Sudan is inspiring and important. He knows first hand what it is like to be alone in the world. Everyone deserves to belong to the family of life. We are proud to be supporters of the Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc. Eileen & Paul Growald.

 Eileen & Paul Growald., http://growaldfamilyfund.org/