Peter Deng is here to help you get the best refund at very low cost compared to giant tax preparation companies….

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You will receive full attention and focus on the needs of your particular business.

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PD Revolving Equity is a program within PDG and it is currently funded by Peter G. Deng. Mr. Deng believes that African people have the talent and great business ideas and can put those ideas to work if given opportunities.

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Our goal is to provide the world smart business solutions service that enables businesses and individuals to excel. Helping people improve their business and financial needs.

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Our goal is to provide the world smart business solutions service that enables businesses and individuals to excel. Helping people improve their businesses and financial needs.

We will continue to contribute to customer success and satisfaction by providing the best tax services and consulting services. We will provide integrated services that are customized and delivered throughout North America, East Africa and another part of the world we operate. This will provide convenience and value for customers while enhancing our ability to offer innovative products and services.

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