I am Alive, So Greet Me Now

Greet me now, love me now, play with me now because the time will come when I will be the tallest tree in the jungle and the only tree with good shade you will dearly need at that moment.

Celebrate the best of me now while I am still alive so that when I am gone you won’t regret not celebrating it.

Bring me flowers of love, appreciation and of gratitude now while I am still breathing in the fresh air and not when the roots are above me. Cherish my achievements now while I am still alive so that I can feel you too. Let me know you love me as a friend, a brother, a good colleague, and good community member. Show it to me while I am still here so that I can feel and enjoy it. Don’t show me after I am under the roots with your flowers of goodbye forever. Bring my flowers now while I am still well alive with you so I can see your facial impression.

Don’t hate me because of what you hear from others or because of your negative imagination. Cherish me as a real human being. Greet me now with love for I may not be here tomorrow. You may want to greet me heartedly tomorrow, but I won’t be there to receive your kind greeting or what you considered as your kind of flowers.

You may want to bring flowers of all kinds, but it will be too late. You will cry when I am gone for the long journey, but your cry is going to be important only because you are not going to set your charming eyes on me. I became a very important person to you and to the world when I am gone but now, I am not and somehow considered by few heartless as a person of no value. You will wish you never thought this way of me when I am gone for my never returning journey. Love me now, support me now and promote me now when you still have a chance to do so. No one is sure of tomorrow, but we all assume that we will reach tomorrow alive.

Greet me now, give me my Christmas gift now, sit at the same table with me now and let’s share a good talk, good food and thank God for the good life because tomorrow I may be gone.

Tomorrow uncertainty, I may not be there to crack jokes and share good food with you. Tomorrow you will wish to have a good time with me, but I won’t be there for you and the world will turn dark and darker for you.

Play with me now as God know well about tomorrow. Play with me now when I can still play. Don’t play with me when I am not there, don’t love me when I am gone, love me when I am still here because tomorrow I will be the tree that will provide you with good shade.

Oh, my best friend, greet me now, give me my flowers now and don’t take life for granted because tomorrow I may be gone and gone.

About Author:

Peter Deng is a Professional Tax Accountant and Business Consultant based in Burlington, Vermont USA. Mr. Peter Deng, MBA, MSA is also known as a serial entrepreneur who is good at creating small businesses across East Africa. If you find yourself in Kenya, you may have been in one of his Matatu vehicles, but you will never know that matatu is owned by him. Same thing in Uganda and South Sudan where he runs other small businesses. Mr. Peter love crunching numbers all the time and during his free time he write short stories that are meaningful to life.