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You Speak We Listen

You Work Hard for Your Money

We know more than anyone else how hard you had worked for your hard earned dollar and that is why we work hard to put it back into your pocket.


PD Tax Services partner with PD Group to offer investment opportunities for person or businesses that are willing to invest in developing countries in Africa. Our knowledge of East Africa is what set us apart from foreign competitors. We are focusing on building a strong company that stands out among the competitors and we are committed to hiring local people hence making lives better in the communities we operate. Have little money but wondering around what to do with it or how to invest it! You have come to the right place. Contact us today and let’s get started. Make your dream come true today


Having a business is a great move but running payroll to pay your employees can be time consuming add reduces the level of productivity at that particular time. Why not let us take that load off your shoulder so that you can focus more on your business. We will keep you update and compliant with the changing tax laws and give you a very concise view of all Tax laws, payroll tax changes. We will run your payroll for your employees and automatically file your payroll taxes. We will take good care of you and your business.


The better tomorrow depends on what you save today. If you want to retire happily at an early age, you will then need to start saving now. The best practice when it comes to saving good amount is to put away 20-40% of your earnings saving account or products that will help you generate more for you and your children plus grandchildren. We know not everyone like numbers and that is why Peter Deng Tax Services is here to help you. Putting you on right track is our goal 


Everything starts with a plan. So business starts with plan and having a great written business plan can open many doors for you. A great business plan can help you convince the bank to lend you money. Our business plan will definitely help achieve your dream. Come let us help you realize your dream.


Working overseas can be very exciting for many individuals, but it takes good planning to keep it rewarding when it comes to taxes back here at home. At Amaga Group, we help individuals working abroad traverse the intricacies of working abroad by managing their tax.


Whether you are a new startup, an established small business, a nonprofit organization, we’ll ensure that your books withstand due diligence. We will keep you on track with various filings requirements and help you anticipate upcoming challenges with taxes and tax laws. Whenever you need more analysis or help with forecasting your individual or business finance, you can easily have access to our tax experts, business consulting experts at any time of the year individual Tax Return shouldn’t cost you so much money to get it prepared. PD Group Tax Services is here to help you get the best refund at very low cost compares to giant tax preparation companies that are there only to make a profit on poor low-income families.

Our History

Our History goes back to 2010 when Mr. Peter was volunteering at the free tax preparation center helping Americans low-income families with the tax preparation. Mr. Peter noticed that people from the immigrant and refugee communities were not giving good services well and this didn’t sit well with him being a former refugee himself and see his community wasn’t getting right service hurt him so much. So he gets to work and in 2011 through 2014 he starts offering free tax preparation services.

Mr. Peter’s tax service was then very well received in the community and the demand grow high. So Mr. Peter applied to become E-file Provider, resigned from USCIS Job in Vermont & start serving customers from Burlington, Winooski, South Burlington, Colchester and customers from states such as Tennesse and South Dakota. Mr. Peter Deng is committed not to just do the tax return, but build long-term relationships with the communities his company PD Group serves  

You Work Hard for Your Money

We know more than anyone else how hard you had worked for your hard earned dollar and that is why we work hard to put it back into your pocket.

“My major goal in life is to create a society where everyone is free to work on his or her dream and achieve it without having to bribe the officials. A society where rich people/giant companies help poor get rich instead of helping people stay poor. This is my goal in life and that is why I choose to be a community accountant instead of a bank or Wall Street accountant.” Peter Deng, MSA, MBA . From impoverished South Sudanese orphan to MSA, MBA entrepreneur with a critical social mission, to give back to immigrants communities in the USA and educate South Sudan orphans and help vulnerable people. Mr. Peter was born in Southern Sudan and grew up in Bor village. He was orphaned at age 5 and grew up without the benefit of economic support, though he didn’t let that stop him from achieving his goals.  Mr. Peter has come a long way and today he is a well known private accountant and business consultant in New England.

We Belong To You

We don’t call it a day until you are satisfied because we belong to you. We are not a corporate business, we are a community-oriented business. Operates with community values in mind.


To help people become financially fit and excel. Provide services that bring accurate tax, business consulting expertise to, our people, our clients, and our communities.


Say what we do not what we don’t. Speak up if something is wrong. Accept our accountabilities for our results. Make decisions that create long-term impact in what we do. Acknowledge our mistakes and act immediately.

Act Immediately

Make a right timely decision and act on those decisions immediately. Understand the rapid change in technology and rules and help our community understand it, and thrive. Communicate clear expectation to each team member and support each other.


To be the thinker and advisor for all your tax and business needs


Promote the mindset that our work is one part of life. Seek regular, open and honest feedback so that we can continuously improve and grow to meet our clients’ needs. Consider the perspective and opinion of others. Treat others with high respect as we would like to be treated. Celebrate our differences.

Build Clients Relationship

We thrive to earn everlasting trust, respect, and long-term client loyalty by developing a clear deep understanding of each client’s business and individual goals by helping as an independent expert advisor to our clients and help them excel.


Our values guide us through the process of making decisions

Expert & Leadership

Challenge ourselves to be the company of choice for people and help our clients reach their individual financial goals and business goals and excel. Take lead and communicate with simple clarity, confidence, and approach that work for every client. Commit to what is good for the community.