Individual Tax Return

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We are not just another tax preparation or accounting business, we are your caring partner. We take our time to listen to your personal financial or business financial goal then we work together with you until you reach your goal.

Estimated Tax

Estimated Tax payment can be pay by taxpayers such as Individuals, including sole proprietors, partners, and S corporation shareholders, these taxpayers usually make estimated tax payments if they expect to owe tax during the filing time. We can help with this

Tax Advise

At PD Tax Services we offer tax advise free of charge to our clients and potential clients. Taxes are fun things to deal with and offering a client a good tax advisor can save him or her in financial life

Private Tax Training

We know that the best thing one can leave behind is the knowledge that he or she shared with others.. This is why Peter Deng Tax Services office provides private tax training at a fraction of the cost. PD doesn’t provide theory, we provide our students with practical training.

Other Services

There are many other services that we offer ranging from Tax, Accounting, Finance, Business plan wriiting, Website Customization, Social marketing, NGOs/Nonprofit structuring, job place, job training, HR training, and speaking coach 

Individual Tax Return shouldn’t cost you so much money to get it to prepare. Peter Deng is here to help you get the best refund at very low cost compared to giant tax preparation companies that are there only to make the profit on poor low-income families charging them so much per a return. If you like to waste your money then go to giant companies but if you want to get a good refund while saving money then Peter Deng tax service is right for you.

Important Things during tax time

  • Make sure you got all your W-2
  •  Form 1099 MISC if you have it
  •  Receipt for donations
  • Correct information for all dependents you want to claim

Please click below to download PD Tax Checklist  PD Tax Preparation ChecklistPD-Tax-Preparation-ChecklistDownload

For Self-Employed please see the page on self-employed and small business:


Many people buy new cars during the year and when it come to tax season they wonder and ask this question. Can I claim my new car that I bought last year?

Well, the answer to this is yes or no. Let’s say for example you bought a new car in January 2014 and pay tax then you can claim it on your return. But if you bought it and haven’t pay anything on it, say someone paid it for you then the person who paid for you is the right person to claim the tax payments on the new car

What are these taxes call?

These taxes are call sales tax and are deductible for those who itemized their deductions. Sales tax may not make a huge difference if an individual is not itemizing his or her deductions.