Giving Back

PD Group is giving back to communities through Deng Opportunities Foundation. We use the funding to distribute to the following organizations serving the communities where we operate. At PD Group, we truly believe a company cannot be successful without giving back to the communities that are making it successful by giving back to these organizations that are changing people’s lives in the communities we serve.


♦ To provide funding for educational services for orphaned children in the Jonglei area of South Sudan.
♦ To provide orphans with the necessary support they need to become tomorrow’s leaders.
♦ To raise funds from public and private sources in order to build our capacity to support more orphaned children in the future.

The mission of Deng Opportunities Foundation (DOF) is to mobilize caring individuals and businesses around the world to meet the educational and developmental needs of South Sudanese orphans so that they can help build a better society in their homeland.  Read more about Deng Opportunities Foundation.

Our Values
To dramatically improve the long-term lives and values of orphans to ensure that orphans are not left behind in education. The DOF is committed to raising funds and helping orphans by providing scholarships to them so that they can learn and become educated people in the future:

♦ Solidarity
♦ Trust
♦ Equality
♦ Equity
♦ Sustainability
♦ Progress
♦ Pluralism
♦ Networking