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Our Focus

We offer investment opportunities for persons willing to invest in developing Africa. Our knowledge of East Africa is what set us apart from foreign competitors. We focus on helping African people have access to effective money transfer, consulting services, business seminars and transportation services they ever dream of. We are focusing on building a strong company that stands out among the competitors and we are committed to hiring local people hence making lives better in the communities we operate.


We meet with prospective investors and investors to discuss our business strategy and share recent financial statements and forecast model. We provide investors with complete resumes of management with an executive summary.  Before taking the funds from investor we first ensure that he or she understood our business model and that he is qualified to invest with us. When we arrive at the agreement point we call in our U.S. lawyer to work us both through the signing of the investment agreement. If the investor decides to come in with his or her own lawyer to witness the investment agreement we appreciate that too.  The following are what show who we are:

  • PD Group is a business owned by Peter Deng and has a team that is extremely motivated and inspired to make a successful company.
  • The managers are well qualified and experienced. They go for training in business improvement twice a year.
  • PD Group offers leadership, business-oriented personnel beginning with Peter Deng.
  • We provide service which possesses some differentiating feature that can lead to the creation of a profitable company.
  • We are an established company and will remain competitive and dominant in this market.