Transportation Service


PDG offers first-class comforts at the same cost, no waiting in the long lines like other buses will do. At PDG waiting in the long line is not hear of and with our express services passengers will never wait in lines. There are good number of reasons why PDG experience differs from other buses or airplane. When traveling with other small matatus or buses you arrive one hour early to book and you sit in the bus or matatu waiting for it to fill up. This process take between thirty minutes to one hours and when it come to flying, passengers must arrive at the airport at one and half hour before their flight takes off, and you may think that is way too long time to wait but wait, the passengers wait in the line getting through the TSA that passengers or TSA themselves don’t know it negative effect. A fly can get cancel due to the bad weather on the air. And the cost is high. With PDE no hassle, you arrive at twenty to twenty five minutes and we departure right away. No sitting in our Matatu or bus for too long waiting for it to fill up. We provide best service and affordable cost of transportation.


Faster travel, no waiting online

With the PD Group passengers can arrive twenty to twenty five minutes before departure time. They get in the bus and PDG on the road on time. With our express services passengers avoid waiting in the long line for hours. For this reason, PDG provides an alternative to airlines to any passenger traveling within Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda in doing so we keep passengers away from the two hours wait for plane to take off and too much cost of the plane. PDG also provide fastest tour bus or matatu to visitors to Africa.


While many other small matatu are equipped with 14 or 15 seats and buses equipped with 52 to 62 seats PD Group have only 8 seats business class and 11 seats passengers class which provide great experience and triple the total of personal space. Each seat is safe for taking nap while enjoying your ride to your destination.


Travel by PDE saves money for individuals and business

Many business professionals are traveling by bus because it is convenient, cheap and offer great experience. While in PDG bus you get to see the view of places you are passing through and that give you memories of your trip. The on-board healthy snacks and stop at the restaurants on the way to give our passengers time to stretch and eat and make some phone calls. It is a travel method prefer by business personals because they stay productive while on traveling.