Big Refund In The Upcoming Tax Season

Tax season is at the corner and many taxpayers across the country will start experiencing low to high fever about the tax issue this year. Well, if you are self-employed and you don’t have a good accountant like Mr. Peter Deng of Peter Deng Tax Service then your fever could even go higher, and it is understandable.

Everything is fun in America, but taxes are not fun to deal with, during the tax time many taxpayers who haven’t paid their good share of taxes during the year ended up paying big to Uncle Sam and State department of taxes during tax time. Business People end up paying millions of dollars back to the IRS and State department of taxes and even the local taxes. Homeowners also pay for their property taxes and so on.

Despite the fact that tax time is not fun, and it is a season that is not celebrated by everyone, well there is still one group of people that look forward to the tax season knocking at their doors. The low-Income American group is the one being favored by the tax system. Low-income American families takes home every tax season millions of dollars in tax refund. The family of 5 members earning yearly wages of $18,000 to $25,000 could take home a refund amount of over $10,000 which is almost half their yearly income. This group is expected to get a big refund this tax season compared to last year.

Last year’s tax season was the worst tax season ever with the families not getting full child tax credit refunds due to the advance payment that was made out to them during the year by the IRS. Families who used to rely on their tax refund to survive were affected so badly for something that was poorly planned by people in power that changed tax rules. This coming tax season is different because no child tax credit payments were made in advance like last year, and so families with less income are expected to get a big refund this year. 

It is going to be a big tax season for families with children and who make less income at the same time.