Why Us

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Every employee working at Peter Deng Express ensure that each customer with PDE gets personalize excellent customer service that makes her or his business with us inspiring and rewarding. Our employees come to work every morning thinking about your success because your success and satisfaction are our business. We are completely not satisfied until you are satisfied.

Personal Quality

The quality of drivers, staff, and officers personal we have makes us stand out from the competitors. We hire the best drivers, staff and best officers; give them best training on customers services. We retain only the best employees, those who provide excellent customer services. Our personalized service differentiates us from the other competitors in the market.

Money Transfer and Transportation Quality

  • We currently provide best money transfer in Uganda and South Sudan
  • Slow service is unacceptable at Peter Deng Express. Our customers want and deserve service now and PDE service is on time.
  • Timely is very crucial to us and to our customers. Having an appointment that you don’t want to miss in Nimule or Juba that is our business. Having children being kick out of school in Kampala, Uganda due to late school fee, we are the solution to that, go to any of our branches, send the money and your children or relatives will get the money send a day. We make sending and receiving money really easy.
  • We provide express money transfer and transportation services to all customer at reasonable cost. This is what make us different from the rest.

Bus Advertising

Peter Deng Express goes where you want to be.

PDE spends 24 hours on the road, traveling more than 600 miles throughout Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan.

Did you know that you could do an excellent and less cost advertisement with PDE?  It is easy, make your sign or let us make it for you and will put it on our small buses within 24 hours. Notice we make all ad that is displaced of our buses are queen sizes for clear visibility to people.

It’s an incredible value. Consider this cost-per-thousand comparison: Running a small ad in local daily paper five times in one week can cost you around 5,000 to 8,000 Kenya shilling. You know what is sad about this is that when the week is over your ad is gone with it. Well, that is not what we do. We do it differently. You or we produce your sign as a bus sign in a beautiful color. We make it large enough so that people can see it at distant. This sign run daily on our bus for 2 months. Your business advertisement is spread to thousands of people living in many places that you couldn’t have reach advertising on local newspaper or television, these people become aware of your business.  This will cost you less than the amount mentioned above. This is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss if you want your ad to reach many potential clients.