Receiving Money

With Peter Deng Express Money Transfer Services, you are not just receiving or collecting money but your families or friends care and concern of you. All you need is to do the following steps to receive your money from other end.

Have Valid Identification Document or Telephone number
Come to one of our branches; bring with you a valid ID or telephone number that your sender issued to us in order to receive your money sent to you. In some instances, you are required to know the amount money sent to you, the name of the person sending you money, his or her telephone number, where he or she is sending you money from and its secret number.

Completion of Receiver Form:
You are also required to complete Peter Deng Express receiver form before one of our branch managers. Upon the confirmation as well as the completion of this, the branch manager will process your payment immediately. You get your money in less than 5 minutes. It is very, very simple. It is like drinking cup of water. NOTE: count your money before you leave the branch and make sure that the amount printed on your receipt matches with the amount your sender sent you. Thanks for being our great customer. Please come back again.

• In order to maintain and improve our money transfer services, senders & receivers must be fully registered as our customers by providing us personal details such as First Name, last name and Identification. Under this, we meet our obligations to ensure people are not sending the money to bad groups such as terrorist groups.
• Peter Deng Express prohibits the use of its money or funds transfer services to directly or indirectly fund illegal activity including money laundering, support for terrorist activities, Internet gambling, theft, fraud. We warn you to always remember that each time you use Peter Deng Express services to transfer or receive money; you are legally confirming to us that your transaction is for authentic purposes and does not infringe any of our terms and conditions.
• Peter Deng Express has the right to snub the provision of its services at any given time, for any given reason.
• Peter Deng Express has the right to stop you from sending money or turn you away if determine that you are supporting bad guys/groups.