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Sending Money

With PD Group Money Transfer, you are not just sending money but you care and concern for your families. PD Group Money Transfer Service guarantees that your money is ready for collection by the recipient in just few minutes. All you need is to do one of the following steps to send money to your family member

Go to one of our Branches:
Going to one of our branches in person, pay the amount you want to send plus charges for sending such as commission. Then the branch manager will immediately process your transaction and issue a receipt. Once your receipt is issued, your money is ready for collection by the recipient in just few minutes on the other end. Wow! It is so simple.
Can’t make it to any of our branches, no problem we got your back
Contact us at info@peterdeng.com and we will be more than happier to help you.


  • In order to maintain and improve our money transfer services, senders & receivers must be fully registered as our customers by providing us personal details such as First Name, last name and Identification. Under this, we meet our obligations to ensure people are not sending the money to the bad groups such as terrorist groups.
  • PD Group prohibits the use of its money transfer services to directly or indirectly fund illegal activity including money laundering, support for terrorist activities, internet gambling, theft or fraud. We warn you to always remember that each time you use PD Group services to transfer or receive money; you are legally confirming to us that your transaction is for authentic purposes and does not infringe any of our terms and conditions.
  • PD Group has the right to snub the provision of its services at any given time, for any given reason.