PD Group Membership is your gateway into enjoying the great services that PD Group offer across the United States of America. With your yearly membership, you will get to enjoy free financial advice, free tax file at the end of the year, free bookkeeping and Payroll service, free quarterly tax file for businesses and free self-employed tax estimate. And Tax preparation training at half cost. Business plan and strategic writing at a half cost. 

10 Great Benefits to be a Member. Why You Should be a Member? 

  1. Save money on the income tax return preparation fee
  2. Free Tax Information Service: You will be provided with the quarterly news about new changes in tax law
  3. Free Tax Advice: You will be provided tax advice that will help you ensure you are paying enough taxes and the right taxes.
  4. Free bookkeeping and Payroll service: Your books and payroll taxes will be well prepared to outstanding any IRS Auditing
  5. Free quarterly tax file for businesses: Your quarterly tax will be file on timely manner 
  6. Free Self-employed tax estimate
  7. Discounts on Business consulting: You will get 20% off your business consulting fee
  8. Learning Opportunities: You will be provided an opportunity to learn tax preparation and get 15% off the cost of training.
  9. Gift Appreciation: You can be given a gift certificate that you can deem at Burlington Asian Market, Burlington Phones, Electronic, Ronak Jewellers and Gift House, Deepa Clothing Store, Doma Threading Beauty, Kismayo Kitchen, Everest Indian Nepali Restaurant and many other New Americans owned stores.
  10. Help Grow your finance nest: As a member your success is the success of PD Group. PD Group will work with you to get you the best financial education that you need to build your finances and retire happily. 

Membership Levels

Select membership level

  1. Individual Normal Tax Member – $130.00 (USD)
    Subscription period: 1 year and Automatically renew yearly until cancel.
    Only 180 authorized at $130
    Only for Vermont Residents
  1. Student Tax Return Member – $80.00 (USD)
    Subscription period: 1 year No automatically recurring payments
    Renews annually
  1.  Small Business Tax Preparation – The yearly membership for the small business tax preparation is $400 (USD) and it is only limited to 15 persons.
  1.  Bookkeeping and Payroll Membership – The yearly membership for clients who Peter Deng Group handle their bookkeeping and payroll is $4800 (USD) and only limited to 12 businesses only.
  1. Taxes for Uber, Lyft & Taxi Driver Member – $225 (USD)
    Only limited to 30 members only
    Subscription period: 1 year Renew Automatically every year until cancel.

PD Group Membership Policy

Membership in the PD Group is open to any person interested in the declared purposes of the company. A person seeking annual membership will be accepted as a member of PD Group upon submission, receipt, acceptance and processing of the required online registration application and fees.

All PD Group memberships are for the specific and sole use of the registered individual for whom payment is made and are non-transferable. Fees are non-refundable and subject to change at membership renewal time. A member agrees to pay and remain current in the payment of fees upon expiry of its term to continue as a member and agrees to follow the guidelines regarding use of the PD Group services. For you to join PD Group, you will need to complete the online application form and pay your annual fee. You will be notified by email or phone call when your membership renewal is due.

In the case of partial fee payment or payments not received in USD:

  1. Membership will not be activated until full payment has been received in U.S dollars.
  2. Registered members will be notified by email or phone call of any outstanding fee and will have 15 days to make a full payment.
  3. If full payment has not been received within those 15 days your membership record will be set to inactive.
  4. If payment was made by cheque, a copy of the void cheque will be scanned and sent to sender via email.
  5. If payment was made by money order, the payment will be sent by courier at a cost to the sender.

In the case of surplus payments of membership fees:

  1. The surplus will be pro-rated to your membership so your expiration date will be extended appropriately.
  2. If a member requires PD Group to return the surplus, PD Group will process the payment in 20 days from the date the request was received and mail a cheque to the address in the member profile. Requests for the return of the surplus amount of the payment must be received within 5 days of the original payment.

A charge of $30.00 will be applied to all NSF cheques processed by PD Group.

PD Group – offers a full accounting service that include bookkeeping/payroll, both individual and business tax preparation for Vermonters and out of state residents.