Duany Africa Fund

Putting African People to Business

Duany Africa Fund is a program within PDG and it is currently funded using Peter G Deng his Monthly wages he gets pay from Peter Deng Group. Mr. Deng believes that African people have the talent and great business ideas and can put those ideas to work if given opportunities. So he created a program within PDG using his salary and named it as Duany, the name he used to be called when he was a young boy. Duany Africa Fund provides people with a small loan at a low cost to expand or start their businesses. Most important thing to take note about DAF, not only do Mr. Deng provide loan at lower rate of return to people the bank won’t have given them that chance, he provides training to all clients on the topics such as the Qualities of doing good business throughout business life cycle, Management solution, Company ownership, Leadership development, Employees development, Customer base development, Marketing, Financial management, Inventors turnover and Business secret of success, etc.


  Will continue to build our capacity to meet all of our clients borrowing needs by offering a loan to individual starting up a business, small businesses and group trade and an exceptionally diverse and balanced arrangement of training services to cover all points in different areas of doing competitive business.


To soliciting investment from investors and lending money at the lower interest rate as possible to people who have small businesses and those who are thinking of starting one but lack funds.


We will continue to contribute to people success, better life and, satisfaction by lending money to people at a cheap interest rate of return and provide them with training and management solution. We will provide integrated services that are customized and delivered throughout the countries that Peter Deng Group operates. Duany Africa Fund only gives loan to people at the countries or towns where Peter Deng Group operate and it will remain that way. This will provide convenience and value to customers while enhancing our ability to offer an innovative way of soliciting investment, lending funds and providing services. The program is currently funded using Peter G. Deng salary and the plan is to get the interested people who want to see young Africans starting their own businesses involved.

Objectives of Duany Africa Fund

  • Open doors for young vulnerable African to get creative with their business ideas by lending them money to try out those ideas or expand the already existing businesses
  • Lend to those who can’t afford the bank interest rate and the paperwork required by the bank
  • Will form groups to provide loan to and this is going to provide Duany Africa Fund security for loans it offers
  • To offer loan starting from $100 to $500 to business individuals who their proposals are accepted